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Becoming The Neighborhood Mystic

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Meet Clair Moon

My Childhood with Spirit


 Clair grew up an only child with few family members, an abundance of friends but needed her alone time. She was a vegetarian child and would cry for the animals feeling their emotion.  Between the ages of 3 & 4 years old she began holding conversations with  beings of other worlds and spaces. Her Parents tell stories of Spirit commutation in her crib, remembering her 3 a.m. visits when the house was still, some spirits were of the light and some were malevolent. Astral travel started early in life for Clair, waking as a child floating over her body, having visions of places she had never been to, yet would see them in her waking hours in the near future. She was introduced to the Ouija board, Tarot and religious texts at a young age, always possessing a natural "knowing" of the occult. Childhood for Clair was like living in the movie The Sixth Sense. Having family and friends to validate her experiences allowed her to blossom into the Medium and Spirit channel she is today.

My Reading Style

Clair has been Clairvoyant all her life. Spirit communication, apparitions, visions & dreams were natural to her even as a child. Talk of Spirit & the occult was organic in her home growing up. Clair is a 4th generation Clairvoyant Medium. Her Father, Grandmother and Great-grandfather all saw beyond the veil of the physical deep into the spirit realm. They are the "Clairs" which means they are able to hear, see, know, feel, smell, touch, taste & embody the emotions of Spirits & entities.  As a young girl Clair would read her friends around the neighborhood, their parents, read the energy of buildings and places she went passing messages from Spirit. Clair started reading strangers at age 14 with each session proving to be more powerful as she grew into her abilities. Clair's gifts have never been a secret. All who know her have experienced Spirit with her as a channel. She holds Spirit and the messages she's given to pass forward with deep sacredness. She works with a strict code of ethics, from the heart chakra, with the highest intention for all involved.  Earlier in life she battled between religion and purpose. Being an Ordained Minister and a Spiritual Medium she had to find her own path. After building her direct connection with God she was able to see how all things work together she found balance between her ministry and mediumship. There's no such thing as coincidence. This has brought you to The Neighborhood Mystic.

Clair's reading style connects in love which her clients feel almost immediately. The tears will flow! She has a vivid personality and quirky sense of humor which allows her client to feel they are in a safe, sacred space. Clair gives the messages exactly as they as presented to her in respect for Spirit and the client receiving the message. She does not accept any information prior to the reading and prefers to pass the messages with only a yes or no validation without detail. Clair is a Spiritual Medium who's readings provide evidence that death is an illusion, our loved ones still exist! She will provide you with names, dates, details about the last moments of your loved one's life, smells, personality & physical details as well as information only you and your loved one would know. These details provide closure, heal grief and have been said to be more healing than years of therapy. This is why she stepped into her purpose.