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What is Selenite?

Selenite is an Angelic, luminous crystal found deep in the caves of Mexico, Morocco, and Madagascar. Selenite, meaning "of the Moon" is also known as gypsum flower, satin spar, divine light, desert rose & liquid light.

You need Selenite if you...

Lack peace & serenity                                                                                     

Would like to remove negative energy

Have racing thoughts                                                                                             

Help you chill out

Are called to connect to the Divine                                                                     

Aid in meditation

Have an attraction to the Moon                                                                           

Charge jewelry & crystals

Are Developing your intuition or Psychic abilities                                               

Need help with truth & honesty

Would like to develop your Crown Chakra                                                         

Connect to Angels 

Need to balance your sleep cycles                                                                       

Want to boost Moon rituals

Suffer from anxiety                                                                                                 

Need home protection & purification 

Spiritual & Healing Properties

Like the moon, Selenite carries an ethereal energy reflecting pure white light into any space. She contains the liquid Light of Spirit vibrating between the physical & the Divine. With Selenite you will find a sense of peace ideal for meditation, ritual, connecting to Spirit Guides & Angels and accessing the Spirit realm. Negative ions are molecules charged with electricity that float in the atmosphere and positively affect our mental and emotional health, similar to salt lamps. Selenite opens the higher self, opening the Crown Chakra allowing intuition to flow at a high vibration. She is known to align the spinal column promoting flexibility. Selenite eases mental & emotional trauma clearing anxiety, ideal for Empaths. This angelic crystal also aids with insomnia lifting the holder of her light to higher frequencies. With her deep connection the Lunar energy Selenite carries Divine Feminine energy ideal for the cycles of Womanhood. Selenite is my go to crystal for home protection. Place Selenite in your windows, by your doors & under beds to rid low vibrations and welcome in high frequencies. 






The Crown Chakra is associated with Selenite. Here are some signs your Crown Chakra is blocked or out of balance:

  • Feelings of isolation or separation

  • Excessive egotism

  • Existential despair or depression

  • Meaninglessness

  • Mental fog or lack of clarity

  • A rigid and fixed sense of self

  • Materialism

  • Apathy or a lack of caring

  • A lack of compassion or connection with others

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